What To Expect
Harvest Christian Fellowship of Saskatoon
What you can expect when you come to Harvest:

We recognize that visiting a new church can be a bit
intimidating, so we try to make this as painless as possible.  
Most people dress casually - we aren’t worried  about what
people wear - even blue jeans are okay.  We promise not to
single you out or embarrass you in anyway.

Our services include great music, a down-to-earth discussion
based on the Bible.   

We believe you will find friendship, encouragement and help
in our church.

Come as you are!
We are  informal in our relationships - just ordinary people
walking life together with God's help and power.

Friendly people!
Our people will be happy to have you with us!
They will want to chat with you and get to know you.

Some modern  music!
We play and sing some of the most up to date music.
We always provide the words so you can join in the singing -
which we encourage.
We have a musician that plays and sings to lead the music.

Teaching that will help with everyday life!
The discussion will be from the Bible with practical help for
life. It will point out that God's power is available to us so we
can live supernaturally in our natural world.

Personal prayer and ministry! (If you would like it.)
We offer you the opportunity to have someone pray with you
for God's power to touch you and your situation. They will
pray about your concerns in a confidential manner.

The presence of God!
Hey - it is one of the main reasons to go to church. We need
God's life and power to make it in life.